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At Kendall Cosmetics we restore and improve our patients appearance with non-surgical, aesthetic treatments. We aim to achieve natural results with limited downtime.

Dr Nelly Zahedi (Khatibi) provide’s cosmetic consultations and procedures. At Kendall Cosmetics, we have a holistic approach to the complex skin ageing process which is influenced by various intrinsic factors such as genetics, hormones and skin type, and extrinsic factors such as sun exposure, smoking, diet and medications. Our aim is to achieve natural results with limited downtime.

Our GP’s are well placed to provide aesthetic treatments as they understand all aspects of their patients’ health and are able to assess and treat other factors which impact on a healthy skin such as medications and hormonal conditions.

About Me
The TempSure Difference

TempSure Envi™ RadioFrequency

Reduce Wrinkles & Tighten Skin

Our TempSure Envi™ RadioFrequency (RF) platform provides non-invasive aesthetic treatments including skin tightening, facial wrinkle reduction, skin lifts and cellulite reduction. RF treatments encourage new collagen formation in the skin – with no downtime. A truly gentle way to maintain a younger looking skin. TempSure Envi™ RadioFrequency is safe for all skin types and levels of sun exposure, so it fits into any beauty maintenance routine, any time of year.

The TempSure Envi™ RadioFrequency surgical platform is used for precision mole removal and many other surgical applications.

The TempSure Difference

A New Era In Laser & Optimised Light Technology

Our Icon IPL and 1540 Laser Platform provides optimised results in fewer treatments while maintaining increased patient comfort. It has multiple applications for skin resurfacing, vascular and pigmented lesions, surgical scars, stretch marks and treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser skin resurfacing for improving skin tone and texture
Laser wrinkle reduction
Laser scar and stretch mark treatment
Laser surgical scar, acne scar and stretch mark treatment
Vessel and pigment clearance such as broken capillaries, rosacea and age spots

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73 Kendall St., West Pymble NSW 2073
Telephone: (02) 9499 2000
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